Progressive Champion Delishia Porterfield Elected to Nashville Metro Council

Nashville voters sent a strong message that they won’t be cowed by the state legislature when they elected progressive Delishia Porterfield to an at-large seat on the Nashville Metro Council. Delishia received the most votes due to her focus on justice, equity, and defending democracy.

Convergence helped Delishia carry her message across the internet by creating videos that highlighted her experience, efforts to make Nashville a great place to live, and as Delishia says, her commitment to always choosing Nashville residents first.

Congratulations to Council At-large member-Elect Delishia Porterfield!

First Latina Elected to Fort Worth City Council

Jeanette Martinez made history in Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday, becoming the first Latina elected to serve on the City Council. Jeanette was born and raised in Fort Worth and is a leader who will continue giving back to her community in this new role. 

Convergence Targeted is proud of our work for an independent expenditure supporting Jeanette’s campaign, creating mail pieces that complemented the campaign, highlighting  Jeanette’s experience, her plan to address the issues Fort Worth is facing, and making contrasts to her opponent. 

Congratulations to Councilmember-Elect Jeanette Martinez on her historic win!

Voters across Kansas City Metro Approve Common-Sense Marijuana Sales Taxes

Yesterday, voters in 30 jurisdictions across the Kansas City, Missouri metro area approved a common-sense sales taxes on recreational marijuana. Convergence is proud of the small part we played in these wins, serving as a consultant to Show Me Stronger Communities, a PAC that communicated the benefits of these taxes to voters in Independence, Missouri and across Jackson County. 

Convergence created a campaign site, direct mail, and campaign literature for SMSC that highlighted the concrete benefits of marijuana sales taxes for the entire region and for individual municipalities, and employed imagery and language that addressed the concerns of voters who may not have supported Missouri’s vote to legalize recreational marijuana last year.

Congratulations Show Me Stronger Communities on this incredible win!

Note from Chris: A Strange, Successful, Encouraging Year

Well that was a strange year!  

As inflation rose to generational highs earlier this year, voters seemed poised to vent their anger at the “party in power” in DC. Many progressives (including me) feared the worst in November.  

But the shock of the Dobbs decision in June spurred an awakening among progressives (and plenty of moderates too) that fundamental rights are at risk, and worth fighting for. That, along with Trump and his witches brew of malignant narcissism, “celebrity” candidates/sycophants, and conspiracy-addled extremists, proved to be the catalyst for broad general election successes for Democrats and progressive reformers. 

Voters signaled their desire to turn the corner from three tumultuous years in American history. They expressed optimism and pragmatism, in contrast to the chaos and extremism the Trumpers represent(ed). It was a movement affirming the institutions of our democracy, and it was, in a word, encouraging!

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Tucson Voters Pass Prop 411 – “Fix our streets, without raising taxes!”

Voters in Tucson overwhelmingly passed Prop 411 yesterday after a month of voting by mail. Convergence Targeted’s team was very proud to work alongside a broad coalition of elected officials, advocacy organizations, professional associations, and community leaders to support Prop 411, which will fund repairs and improvements to every neighborhood street in Tucson over the next ten years, without raising taxes.

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Andra Hedrick: The Only Probate Attorney for Probate Judge

On Tuesday, May 3, Attorney Andra Hedrick defeated her two opponents in the Davidson County (Nashville, TN) Democratic Primary for Circuit Court Division 7. Andra’s victory was significant, receiving over 21,000 votes. With her victory in the Democratic Primary, she moves one step closer to becoming potentially the first woman to take the bench as Probate Judge in Nashville history.   

Convergence was proud to provide digital advertising services for the Hedrick campaign during the Democratic Primary. We had the privilege of working with the wonderful Hedrick campaign team, and together we successfully communicated her experience and vision to Nashville voters.

Matt Haney Defeats David Campos in California AD-17 Runoff

In a decisive victory, San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney has won a special election for the California Assembly in District 17. 

In both the special primary and runoff, Convergence created a direct mail plan for an independent expenditure supporting Haney to highlight his pro-housing record, in contrast with his main opponent, David Campos. Haney emerged as the top vote-getter after a competitive primary, and decisively won yesterday’s runoff election by 63%-37% (unofficial results). 

We’re proud of our work on this IE for a pro-housing progressive and wish Assm.-Elect Haney the best in his new role!

Kansas City voters overwhelmingly pass key ballot measures

Yesterday in Kansas City, MO, voters passed two ballot measures that will continue to invest city resources in public health, environmental protection, and infrastructure – a revenue bond issue for the city’s sewer utility and a renewal of the city’s health levy, which provides funding for public hospitals, nonprofit health centers, and EMT services across Kansas City. Convergence was gratified to serve as a strategic consultant and direct mail vendor for the effort to pass Questions 1 and 2, working alongside community stakeholders and the office of Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas.

Maine Democrats Win Another Critical Special Election in HD 27

Jim Boyle, a small business owner and environmental scientist, won the special election in Maine last night to become the representative of House District 27, helping Maine Democrats maintain their majority in the State House.

Working on behalf of the Maine Democratic Party’s independent expenditure, Convergence created a direct mail and digital advertising campaign that focused on Jim’s readiness to take on this new role and raised the urgency for voting in this special election. Critically, our campaign focused on voter education and encouraged voters to use absentee and in-person absentee voting. These new voting methods were decisive in a competitive, three-way race. Congratulations Rep. Boyle on your win!