Reform – Making Change Possible

Reform — Making Change Possible

Convergence is positioned in the vanguard of progressive, reform-oriented political campaigns and advocacy groups. Like many Americans, we believe that our electoral system is broken and needs fundamental reform, not to benefit one party or another, but to unlock and renew our democracy. That’s why we’ve been proud to help advocate for campaigns and causes including:

  • Ballot initiatives encouraging the adoption of open primaries and Ranked Choice Voting, including the historic 2018 campaign in which Maine became the first state to adopt RCV on a statewide basis;
  • State-based independent expenditures to bring new voices to state legislatures increasingly paralyzed by Washington-style hyper partisanship;
  • Federal Super PACs like Americans Elect, Independence USA PAC and Kansans Support Problem Solvers to help elect consensus-building leaders;
  • Campaign finance and redistricting-reform groups;
  • Expanded access to early/absentee and online voting

Our commitment to progressive reform extends to other areas as well. Part of our philosophy is driven by the desire to adapt progressive values to a rapidly changing society, “so they are put to work in the most effective way not for the world of yesterday, but for today and the future,” as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said in the summer of 2015. To that end, we’ve worked on education-reform campaigns in nine states, helping candidates, independent expenditures and legislative advocacy efforts. We believe that the educational status quo is not adequately preparing American children for the fully globalized world they will navigate as adults.

We also believe strongly in reforming our nation’s woefully inadequate gun laws and are proud to stand with candidates and organizations fighting to end the epidemic of mass gun violence that is unique to our country alone among all other developed nations.

Reform is fundamental to our mission as a company. Both strategically and tactically, we don’t believe in just doing things the way they’ve always been done. If you agree, put us to work to help make progressive change possible.