Our Services

Convergence is an integrated communications agency for progressive political, issue advocacy, and independent expenditure campaigns.

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Among our services:

  • Strategic communications
  • Message development
  • Campaign management
  • Microtargeting and analytics
  • Digital media creation and placement
  • Print/direct mail creation and production

Coming Together: What makes Convergence different?

Candidates, causes, and organizations have more options than ever before when they choose a strategic partner or build their consulting team – so what sets us apart?

First, we have large-firm experience and the relationships that come with it, but have chosen to remain small by choice. We take a small number of clients and devote our all to them. Second, we apply our experience in targeted communications to a variety of media, ensuring that we can choose the best strategy for a given client. We reject the notion of “one size fits all” campaigns, and are prepared to use whichever media and strategy fits your needs in order to win. In many cases, this involves a ‘convergence’ of strategies, and by bringing your digital and print media strategies under the same roof, we ensure that your message remains consistent, unique, and effective.