Question K: a vote for this measure will allow the construction of Paragon Outlets and bring jobs and economic growth to Baltimore County.

Baltimore County is getting better all the time, and a vote for Question K will keep us moving in the right direction. Question K is for Paragon Outlets—a $100 million investment with new and improved traffic and storm water facilities that will bring 2,000 new jobs to the area, without one dime of county taxpayer money.

Question K will be a big boost for our economy in Baltimore County - and bring in some great shopping, too!

For jobs, economic growth, and for Paragon Outlets, vote FOR Question K on November 8.


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Question K By The Numbers:

Paragon Outlets is projected to create more than 2,000 full- and part-time jobs in our community. Jobs that support families, supplement retirement income and help pay for college.

Located next to I-95, Paragon Outlets will attract travelers passing through the area, as well as provide more shopping opportunities for local residents.

The project’s $100M price tag will be borne entirely by the developer, which includes millions for infrastructure upgrades, with traffic management a key priority.


"I'm excited about Paragon Outlets because I believe that the array of retail and restaurant options will provide lots of opportunities both for the entertainment and economic value for the community. I think that's why community associations and local business leaders are supporting Paragon Outlets. That's why I'm voting for Questions K on November 8th and you should too."

Liz Glenn

Former Chief of Community Planning and Development

"I support Paragon Outlets because it brings over 2,000 full- and part-time jobs to White Marsh to support families and college students in the area. That's why I'm voting for Questions K."

Kathy McCourry

President of the Baltimore County Business Association

"Question K is for Paragon Outlets — a $100 million investment with new and improved traffic and stormwater facilities that will bring 2,000 new jobs, without one dime of county taxpayer money."

Kelvin Antill

Development Partner for Paragon Outlets

"I support Paragon Outlets because of the job opportunites it's going to bring to the area in management, sales, maintenance, and construction. That's why I'm voting for Question K on November 8th."

Donna Bethke

President of the Overlea Fullerton Business and Professional Association

"I'm supporting Question K because Paragon Outlets will be located on a site right next to I-95 to attract people who will spend money not only at the outlets, but also at restaurants and other attractions - providing a big boost to the local economy."

Hal Ashman

Chairman of the Baltimore County Tourism and Promotion Council